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Harris County Traffic Ticket

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Judge Dale Gorczynski

Harris County, Texas

Justice of the Peace

Precinct 1, Place 1


Court Address:

7300 North Shepherd - Room 138

Houston, Texas 77091


Phone # 713-697-1224

Fax # 713-697-2251

Monday through Friday

8:00 A.M.  to 4:30 P.M.


Judge Dale Gorczynski performs weddings.  Call Court for details.


Martin Armendariz

Assistant Chief Clerk


Gloria Garcia

Supervisor - Civil Department


Emma Lopez

Supervisor - Criminal Department


Katherina Nguyen

Supervisor - Traffic Department


Judge Dale Gorczynski is a former City of Houston City Councilman. He was elected Harris County Precinct 1, Place 1 Justice of the Peace Judge in 1992.

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